Young Republicans Membership Page

Thank you for your interest in joining the

Sullivan County Young Republicans!

Please read the information below carefully, and then simply complete the Membership Form below.  A member of the Young Republicans will then reach out to you within two business days.

By joining the Sullivan County Young Republicans, you agree to:

1) Adhere to and promote the purpose of the Sullivan County Young Republicans as outlined in the organization’s Constitution, ARTICLE II (Purpose), which states our objectives as including:

  1. To make known and promote the platform and values of the Republican Party;
  2. To support the Sullivan County Republican Party (and the Republican Parties of our surrounding region);
  3. To stimulate interest, education, and participation in the political process for the betterment of our community.

2) To pay annual membership dues of either $10 (for Regular Members) or $5 (for Associate Members).  These are collected on a twelve month rolling basis from the date of membership.

3) I understand that to qualify as being in “Good Standing” with the SCYR organization (which is a requirement to be an officer in the organization), I must attend at least two of the four quarterly SCYR meetings, as well as attend at least two other SCYR qualifying events or meetings, during a twelve month period.


Young Republicans Membership Form