Presidential Primary Ballot – March 2016

March 2016 Ballot - Page 1

Super Tuesday gives voters a great opportunity to effect the Presidential Primary. On March 1, 2016, voters of Tennessee select their preference for President.

Sullivan County Party Chairman Jack Young emphasizes “The Republican Primary ballot is surprisingly long. Taking a few minutes to understand it will relieve voter frustration. ”

The first vote on the ballot is for Presidential preference. Although some Presidential candidates have dropped out of the presidential primary, their name remains on the ballot. Voters may select one candidate as their presidential candidate.

The next two votes include the opportunity to vote for as many as fourteen delegates state-wide and three delegates in the first congressional district. The elected delegates will represent our districts at the National GOP Convention later this year. These seventeen extra voting options have surprised many Republicans. A voter may vote for no delegates, some delegates or use all seventeen votes.

The last ballot item is for Republican Property Assessor of Sullivan County. The property assessor determines property values for all property in the county.

Voters are encouraged to review the ballot before the Primary.

The ballot box is where We The People can affect our future. Vote March 1.
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